Why Use a Concrete Stain?

Update your floors with Zarr Custom Painting

Traditional concrete can look gray and drab. Rather than settling for bare concrete floors, add style and color to your floors with concrete staining from Zarr Custom Painting, LLC. While paint or colored coatings produce a solid, opaque effect, concrete staining permeates the concrete to infuse it with rich, translucent tones. We can use an array of colors and special effects on both interior and exterior concrete surfaces. You can choose from these styles:

  • Antiqued: Weathered or classic look
  • Variegated: Varied colors with irregular streaks
  • Mottled: Marked with spots or blotches of varying shades

Concrete staining is reasonably priced and can instantly revive the look of your concrete surfaces. Call today to schedule your concrete staining service and upgrade your concrete basement floors or patio in no time.

Two types of concrete staining

Concrete staining comes in two forms, and the best choice depends on your surface. Here are the two options for concrete staining:

  • Reactive stains are water-based acidic solutions that react with the concrete’s lime content to form a permanent bond that won’t chip off or peel away.
  • Nonreactive stains are water-based acrylic stains that don’t rely on a chemical reaction, and instead penetrate the concrete surface to deposit their pigment particles into the open pores.

We’ll take a look at your concrete surface to decide which technique is best. Contact Zarr Custom Painting today to schedule your concrete staining service.